Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Where to begin?

I suppose an introduction would be the normal way to kick things off here.
Me and the wife 

  I'm Callum, I'm a 26 year old outdoor instructor, recently married to the love of my life (without whom I'd most likey be a wild animal). We've just recently moved into a little flat after spending 7 months living apart. It's brilliant, 1st time both of us have lived by ourselves. We've always stayed on site at outdoor centres or with parents. So absolutely loving the freedom right now, (but not the bills).
   I love gaming, I've been playing since the Atari 2600, now own a 360, Wii, PSP, DS, and play a few PC games, namely World of Warcraft (Prot Warrior btw). Currently playing Forza 4 religiously, and waiting in anticipation for Skyrim and a new Zelda! 
  I'm also passionate about watersports, mainly sailing and windsurfing, this year I have focused purely on windsurfing. I love it, the sense of speed and freedom while on the water is second to none in my eyes.

Out having a Blast

So that's me, theres a lot more, but I dont want to bore you to death straight away....that comes later ;)
Now for the reasoning behind my 1st major Blog...

  My job allows me to meet so many great people from all over the world. It also allows me to work with some of the most awe inspiring groups that makes it feel like a privilage to be alive. Hell, just last week I worked with the Burned Children Club, which helps young survivors of quite horrific accidents get out having fun doing adventurous activities that they wouldnt normally get the chance to do. I was windsurfing with a young girl who had lost both her hands and feet on the front of my board. Hearing her laugh almost brought me to tears it was that amazing.
  As most outdoor instructors will know, the job throws out many rewards and unexpectedness. One day, you could be running a simple orienteering session with a 15 excited 9 year olds. The next you could find yourself on top of a mountain with 4 adults. The day after that you could be sitting in a powerboat in the glorious sunshine teaching a Lvl 1 course. Or you could be sitting on top of a crag in the pissing rain being eaten alive by midgies. As I find myself saying so often, "never a dull moment."
  Sounds like a good life yes? Well it is for 8-9 months of the year. Unless you're lucky, the majority of us work for a season then are laid off for the winter. Which is the situation I find myself in once again.

  For 5 years I've went through this pattern. Have an amazing job for 8-9 months making just enough money to scrape by during the winter. Where I look for an unskilled job that I absolutely hate, making minimum wage. Now I feel that it's time for change.
  I have it in mind to start some form of online venture, as I know my way around the internet. Be it through advertising, marketing, starting an ebay/amazon store or simply through blogging, I have a mission ahead of generate enough income to live on without doing something that I hate, just to make someone else more money.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Or do you have any tips/advice, or maybe want to start some form of partnership? I'd love to hear your thoughts.